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Softball Coach


Individual coaching or group training for 30-120 minutes, includes softball fundamentals & age-appropriate coaching skills.

It’s that time of year again, your daughter wants to play and it looks like you’re one of the contenders to coach her team. Or you’ve been a baseball coach for a couple years and are now coaching girls in softball. Maybe your daughter is ready for the next level but you don’t know how to coach her to get there. How do you brush up on those skills? How do you run a practice or a pre-game warm-up? What is different about coaching? Where do you even start?

Every year, we are learning more about the impact that coaches have the on lives of their players. Coaches, though, are still responsible to develop and improve the impact of their coaching skills. Whether working one on one or in group training, Trisha instructs technical softball and coach development for team volunteers, assistant coaches, and/or head coaches. Emphasizing holistic development, her work focuses on building confidence in coaches individually and managing players, parents, umpires, and team policies.

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Trisha is known for her approach to softball, drawing on principles of sport psychology to teach softball skills and explains the empirical evidence these research proven methods. Her talent for speaking to individuals and groups about addressing team culture, leadership development, and working together, makes any session with her a unique and valuable experience.

Individual Coaching

$150 Per Hour

  • One on one sessions with a coach 

  • Covers technical softball skills, coach development, and management skills

  • Coaching Workbook is a recommended add on for this session.

Coaching Clinics

$300 Per Person

  • Coaches instructed as a group over 3-4 sessions​ 

  • Topics include technical softball, running practices, warming up movements, drills, and more

  • Each session is a minimum of 2 hours

  • Price includes workbook

Coaching Workbook

$15 per Workbook

This workbook provides coach development for coaches on the go! 

  • Includes instruction and activities, practice templates, sample team policies, and communication examples

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