Team training for 60-120 minutes, physical & mental softball training.

Focusing on the key areas of improving teams' offense and defense, Coach Trisha incorporates communication, motivation and teamwork into lessons. Her style is interactive and fun, while modeling and enforcing boundaries for players and teammates. Emphasizing holistic athlete development, her work focuses on building confidence in athletes individually and as a part of a team. She draws on principles of sport psychology to teach mental skills of the game in addition to the physical aspects.

Coach Trisha will talk to coaches beforehand to understand the needs of the team. Aside from technical softball, she is known for the way she approaches softball. Her talent for speaking to players about addressing team culture, leadership development, and working together, makes any session with her a unique and valuable experience.



Speaking Only

$60 per speaking engagement

  • 30 Min Session

  • Includes topics such as leadership, teamwork, and transferable skills

Interested in a consultation with coach?

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Team Consultation

$60 Per 60 Mins

  • Minimum 60 minutes and maximum 120 minutes

  • Includes physical and mental training customized to your team