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Softball Infielder


Individual or small group training for 30-60 minutes, physical & mental softball development for pitchers, catchers, & position players.

Coach Trisha will work with one (or more) athlete(s) for on skills identified during an initial needs assessment. Emphasizing holistic athlete development, her work focuses on building confidence in athletes in addition to technical softball. She draws on principles of sport psychology to teach mental skills of the game in addition to the physical aspects. Lessons may include softball basics, movements & form, game strategy, strength & conditioning, as well as developing mental toughness & grit.

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Softball Basics

  • Throwing

  • Catching

  • Fielding

  • Game Strategy


  • Hitting

  • Slapping

  • Bunting

  • Baserunning


  • Pitching

  • Catching

  • Infield

  • Outfield

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1-2 Players

$45 Per Player​

  • 30 Min Session for one player

  • 60 Min Session for two Players

3-6 Players

$40 Per Player

  • 60 Min Session

7-8 Players

​$35 Per Player

  • 60 Min Session

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