Softball is Life

It all started with one pitch, a two-seamed fastball, and it has brought you here!

Sound Softball LLC provides softball expertise for athletes of all levels. Growing up and playing competitive softball prepared Coach Trisha to pitch at the collegiate level as well as coach a college team to nationals. Her career has focused on pitchers and catchers, but she works with all position players on all aspects of softball. Her coaching philosophy rewards effort and practice, focuses on positive improvement, and holistically develops athletes.


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What is Sound Softball?

A female perspective and technical expertise in softball training to support developing athletes through customized programs based on individual skills & goals.


Individual or small group training for 30-60 minutes, physical & mental softball development for pitchers, catchers, & position players.

Team training for 60-120 minutes, physical & mental softball training includes offense, defense, communication, & teamwork.

Individual coaching or group training for 30-120 minutes, includes softball fundamentals & age-appropriate coaching skills.

Parent(s) & family training for 60-120 minutes, includes technical softball skills, communication, & quality time with the family.

Consultation with league administration or sport organizations includes training, player programs, & coach development.


Free consultation to find the right combination of services. 
Inquire about scholarships for BIPOC.

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The strongest players are not always the team that wins, but the players who don’t give up when they lose.